I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. No more half measures.

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"Visionarias" Liu Wen by Nagi Sakai for Harper’s Bazaar Spain September 2013.

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boys= nasty and dress bad

me= somehow still likes boys and is disappointed in myself and thinks i should do better

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“Fuck, my tea.”

– me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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It’s about a young girl, a young and foolish girl, who sees something from her bedroom window which she doesn’t understand, but she thinks she does.

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It is a rare man that could understand how a woman could choose work over love | GET TO KNOW ME MEME: MASTERS OF SEX [5/5 tv shows]

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       You  know  the  b u s i n e s s  
                                 And  I  know  the  c h e m i s t r y.

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kill the idea that openly caring characters are boring

set on fire the line of thought that dictates that altruism is a bad thing and that selfishness/sassiness is an inherently more appealing and ‘~intricate~’ quality than an affectionate nature

smash and bury the concept of the false equivalency between angst and complexity

kindness and empathy are not synonyms for “blandness” and “lack of personality”

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